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Cairns Mechanics Federation Automotive, Draper St, Cairns is the place to go for a pre-purchase vehicle inspection on that car you are thinking of buying.

When looking to purchase a car most people rush straight to the test drive, not realising that there can be many hidden faults. The Cairns mechanics at Federation Automotive Cairns can give you a pre-purchase car inspection.

Federation Automotive has been in the car service industry a long time and their car mechanics know all the tricks that many car sellers may try.

The mechanics in the service department at Federation Automotive will check:

The Compliance plate and make sure the identification numbers matches up with all relevant paperwork.
Check that the vehicle mileage is genuine with the vehicle documentation.

Check for signs of excessive wear -- heavily worn interior, pedal rubbers, worn seat belts and buckles, worn armrests and controls, a shiny steering wheel and gear-lever knob? Are these parts too new compared to those around them? Does the driver's door or seat sag?

Check for signs of excessive paint chipping around the front of the car and driver's door, scratches under the door handles, even chips that have been touched up? Check the boot and spare wheel as these are often overlooked.

Look for rust, sun damage and bad car repairs.

Look for oil and fluid leaks.

So for your piece of mind and before you hand over your hard earned cash take that car into Federation Automotive and know you are investing into a road worthy car and not something that will keep swallowing your wages for the next 6 months!

Driving Holidays – Check your car

It’s that time of year again for driving holidays, so before driving to your holiday destination this year, take your car into the car mechanics at Federation Automotive so they can give your car a holiday check over.

Let the Cairns mechanics give you piece of mind that your car is safe and fit for the holiday drive before packing your loved ones in and heading out onto the highway.

Let the team at Federation Automotive check your tyres, brakes, oil and water levels, radiator hoses, tail-lights, blinkers, and accessory drive belts, Federation Automotive will also check the operation and alignment of your car's headlights before setting off on your trip.

So be a safe and happy traveller these holidays after getting your car serviced by the local team at Federation Automotive Cairns.

Federation Automotive Cairns - sponsors of the Cairns International Speedway would like Cairns motorists and Cairns motoring enthusiasts know of the upcoming Cairns Burnout Event.

Saturday 14th November at Cairns Speedway see Federation Automotive Cairns car mechanic Laurie Sultana famous for his Youtube tyre smoking burnouts.

The team and customers from the Cairns car servicing department at Federation Automotive would like to wish Laurie all the best and many will be there cheering on their favourite mechanic, not that he will be able hear or see them though all the smoke and noise!

This is the final burnout competition for 2009 so make it an event you don’t want to miss.

Cairns International Speedway is located on Thompson Rd, Edmonton.

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