Cairns Car and Auto Servicing

Cairns mechanics Federation Automotive service both late model and early model cars

If you are looking for car servicing in Cairns, Federation Automotive Cairns offer excellent car servicing at very competitive rates

Full Service

Provides a check of braking, exhaust & suspension systems amongst other service items. We road test your car and even assess the life of your tyres.

Holden service in Cairns, Federation Automotive mechanics can service all makes and models Cairns car service workshop Federation Automotive can service, repair and rebuild V 8 engines


  • Change engine oil and Filter
  • Replace sump plug washer
  • Check and top up all oils & fluids
  • Check battery and top up water
  • Service air filter
  • Check belts and hoses
  • Check all lights and replace items as required
  • Check/Replace wiper blades
  • Check/Replace fuel filter
  • Exhaust inspection
  • Pressure test cooling system
    and check / fill with coolant
  • Brake System inspection and fluid inspection
  • Dedust and adjust front brakes, report on condition
  • Full safety inspection
  • Road Test

Ute service Cairns, Federation Automotive mechanics service all utes, 4X4 4 wheel drives, all makes and all models

Cairns car service workshop Federation Automotive can service and repair all cars and backpacker vans

Clutch and Brake Overhauls

Cairns mechanics Federation Automotive also specialise in Brake and Clutch repairs, using only the best quality components available on the market to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Servicing both Late model and early model cars

Brake repairs Cairns, Federation Automotive Mechanics repair Brakes in Cairns and all other types of auto repairs including clutch, general servicing through to turbo and superchargers